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The Land

The 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje has chosen San Luis Obipso County as the location to establish his main center in the United States. The Central Coast of California is known for its beautiful rolling hills and oak woodlands. The landscape provides a serene setting and supports a diverse habitat of flora and wildlife including bobcat, coyote, fox and deer.


Project Description

Development of the Center will occur over time as the 17th Karmapa’s activity expands in America. Building elevations will be aesthetically designed to blend in with the landscape and local architecture. The first phase of the project will include construction of a stupa and necessary site work and infrastructure. Later phases will include construction of a public meditation hall, library, staff housing and short-term retreat facilities.

Each phase will be constructed in an environmentally sensitive manner to protect the environment and habitat. Green building goals include low water usage, recycled gray water and optimal energy performance utilizing sustainable energy where possible. Buildings will be designed to achieve high indoor environmental quality by maximizing day-lighting and fresh air ventilation. Caretaking of the land will include reforestation to restore overgrazed land and a program to protect and maintain biodiversity.



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